COUNTR integrated with ZOINED – Act on Facts

  • Take advantage of your Countr platform data with Zoined Retail & Restaurant Analytics!
  • Improve your product assortment and increase the average order value
  • Understand your customers’ behaviour in more detail
  • Forecast demand better and optimise your inventory levels

Act on Facts

  • Realtime: your Countr data will be directly visible in Zoined after making an transaction/change
  • Gain actionable insights to make decisions to improve your results
  • Available on every device anywhere

Brands that already use Zoined

  • The BodyShop: “With Zoined i can quickly take a look on store specific sales and comment and react very fast when needed”
  • HifiStudio: “Now everyone from our staff knows their own store’s detailed performance also in comparison with other stores around Finland”
  • Picnic: “data visualisation helps to grasp things quickly. It is incredibly easy and fast to, for example, monitor our Like-for-like sales during lunch hours”