The Complete Guide to Attract Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers (3/3)

Where & When to do

Finally you are in the last part of the process! After knowing what to do and how to attract last minute holiday shoppers, the next thing you should know is where and when is the best time to do all of those things. If you promote the deals in the right social channels and in a perfect timing, then you can definitely make your brand stand out while the clock is ticking.

1. Spice up all of your social media channels

There is no better means than social media when it comes to reaching out to a great number of current and potential customers. As social media is highly effective in boosting a brand’s online presence in the marketplace, retailers need to place more focus on their social media marketing strategies during holiday season. In addition, promoting on social media is cost-effective and easy to set-up.

2. Craft attention-grabbing email

Although business are encouraged to invest heavily on social media marketing, it shouldn’t be the only media that you use to entice last-minute holiday shoppers. Email marketing has a strong potential to reach your current customers. Sending an email as a reminder earlier in the week or even a day before the sale can drive customers into your store if both the email’s subject and body are right. People merely click on email because they find the subject is interesting and are more willing to read further if there is any image attached. Thus, you should also take the advantage of email marketing to direct customers to your website and physical store.

example how to attract last minute holiday shoppers

With an email subject “Here It Is: The Coach Holiday Gift Guide!”, Coach grabbed the readers attention with their powerful email marketing strategy. Take a look to their clear, attractive, and concise email holiday newsletter!

3. Redesign your website

When customers visit your website, make it easy for them to browse your holiday deals and find the perfect gifts. Decorating your home page with holiday-themed banners or showcasing popular gift items will allow customers to quickly purchase the product without having to look through the whole website. Creating a tailor-made landing page filled with last-minute deals can also help customers to find everything they need with fewer clicks. Lastly, try to categorize your deals to make customers easier to navigate. For instance, “Gifts for Parents”, Gifts for Him”, “Gifts for Her”, etc.

how J crew successfully attract last minute holiday shoppers

J. Crew successfully make customers flock to their website as they created a single page contains only gift ideas and categorize all the items

The final countdown before the holiday season ends is the most critical time for  every retailers to woo holiday shoppers making last-minute purchases. No matter what type of business you have, you can always pamper your customers and create incentives to lure them!

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