countr pos and shopify webshop integration

Connect your Shopify webshop to your physical store

Already have a Shopify webshop?

Countr seamlessly integrates your Shopify webstore to your point of sale system. Online products are automatically downloaded into Countr, including categories, taxes, variants, and customers. In-store orders are recreated in your Shopify back office, updating stock in real-time.

Learn how to connect with Countr here:

connect shopify webshop to your countr point of sale

Turn your tablet into a POS

Countr is POS software designed to easily build, manage, and grow your business whether you have one store, or many. Countr works on Android, iOS, and PC – online and offline.

Countr on iOS Countr on Android

Simplify your day-to-day business process

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About Countr

Countr is a POS software designed to easily build, manage and grow your business. Whether you have one store, or many.
Countr works on Android and iOS tablets, online and offline.

Countr comes with a handy POS and an online analytics dashboard, designed to simplify your day-to-day business processes.
Countr works with a wide range of hardware and payment methods.
The Countr Marketplace offers additional extensions you can connect to your account.