Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger: Meet The NEW Countr Dashboard 4 years ago

One of Countr’s most beloved services has always been our handy dashboard. With its seamless integration with our multi-platform services, it’s an indispensable tool for Countr POS clients, and an attractive attribute for prospective users. Now, we’re very happy to announce that the Countr dashboard has gotten a makeover that makes it even better! Our new dashboard comes with a fresh modern look, a more seamless and direct user experience, and more features than ever! We went all out with this update, introducing at least 15 new features to the service. Yes, you read that right, fifteen new features. On our blog, though, we would like to really hone in on the most prominent ones, to give them the spotlight they deserve. So, without further ado, here are the 5 most prominent features of the new Countr dashboard:


1) Report Comparison

We’re known for the beautiful way in which we present data, for you to make the most informed decisions about your business. Whether your preference is tables, graphs, or charts, dashboard has it! We also have a lot of flexibility regarding the period of data you wish to view. Now, you can compare your data from different periods, employees, devices, or stores, right there in the dashboard! You can get a side-by-side view of any two reports you produce, and really hone in on your best and worst performances and see what can be done about them. Here at Countr, we understand that the only thing that matters more than data itself is how you use it. So, we’re always presenting it in clearer, more transparent ways, allowing you to focus on making the decisions that matter.


2) Multilingual Interface

While our legacy dashboard was only available in English, we understand the need for our solutions to be available in a myriad of languages. Of course, we started by expanding into the language of Countr’s home: Dutch. But, why stop there? In addition to English and Dutch, we also offer our new dashboard in Arabic, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, and Spanish. Each administrator account can access the dashboard and its data in whichever language they please. More so, our quickly-adaptive interface means you can hoi your way in, pirouette through the data, and adiós out!


3) Stock Transfer

We’ve heard your feedback! If you have multiple stores, then you are probably familiar with the need to transfer stock of a particular from one store to another. In one location, it might be sold out. Whilst in the other, it’s quite unpopular. So, instead of ordering a whole new batch, you transfer some of the remaining stock into the store where it’s needed. Now, it’s possible to do this with the new dashboard. This is particularly convenient given that the stock transfers are all logged into the product’s history within a certain store. So, if you forgot you did it, or if someone else did it, you can read the movements right there in the dashboard.


4) Dark Mode

In keeping with the dark mode/theme extending to all Apple products this year, Countr dashboard is now also available in dark mode. So, if it is your preference to use a Macbook with the dark mode to access the dashboard, you won’t see a line of demarcation between your browser and the dashboard. But of course, our dark mode is not exclusive to Mac OS.

Dark Mode on the New Countr Dashboard

Mostly, the dark mode is an inversion of black and white. So, instead of black text on a white background. You will now see white text on a black background. We understand that you might spend extended periods of time viewing the dashboard, so we wanted to reduce the amount of blue light that gets to your eyes. This way, you will feel less exhausted or strained from the continued viewing of our irresistible interface.


5) Register Operations

Something went wrong while finishing the transaction? No problem. With our register operations log, you’ll be able to see exactly what went wrong and where. It is designed to appear as a sleek, easy-to-navigate flow of data from your POS. You can also see the shifts of your employees, which makes it very easy to track hours and pay accordingly.


To access our new dashboard, simply click here. Otherwise, we put up a banner on our existing dashboard that will lead you to our new and improved service upon sign-in. We hope you can make use of it! As always, our knowledge center is there to help you out – but we’d also love to hear your feedback, so always feel free to use the Intercom button within the knowledge center to let us know what you think!


P.S. Still attached to our existing dashboard? No worries! Our legacy dashboard will be up and running alongside the new one until further notice.

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