Lightspeed Retail

  • Countr exclusive LS-promotions (ask for the actual promotion)
  • Omnichannel for your retail business
  • Plan a visit to the store
  • Loyalty-program
  • 24/7 LS support

Countr & Lightspeed Retail

Because there are a lot of users that only want to work with lightspeed, but with Countr as partner for the knowledge and knowhow Countr can also be your LS-partner to provide you with a fit-solution.Gives you the benefits:

  • A lot of implementation-experience
  • Great chat-customer-service
  • 24/7 Lightspeed service
  • Exclusive LS-promotions

Some great things about Lightspeed Retail

  • Omnichannel: Ecommerce and physical store in 1 solution
  • Synchronised stockinformation 
  • Make an appointment (in-store) online
  • Loyalty program (online and offline)
  • Manage more locations on your device