• Countr exclusive LS-promotions (ask for the actual promotion)
  • Fully integrated with blackbox (for the belgium market)
  • Integrated with Obur
  • Great floorplan options
  • Coronaproof with no-contact-tools

Countr & Lightspeed restaurant

Because there are a lot of users that only want to work with Lightspeed, but with Countr as a partner for knowledge and know-how, Countr can also be your LS-partner to provide you with a custom fit-solution. Some benefits include:

  • A lot of implementation-experience
  • Great chat-customer-service
  • 24/7 Lightspeed service
  • Exclusive LS-promotions

Some great things about Lightspeed Restaurant

  • Integrations for delivery
  • Easy to manage floor plan
  • Obur-integration: let your customer order from their table
  • Online reservation tool
  • Multiple locations in one system