How to win in 2021 in retail & hospitality: get on the right side of trends 2 years ago

We’re counting the last days of 2020, a year that can’t end fast enough for most of us. Currently we are in a full lockdown in the Netherlands, keeping our fingers crossed that the shops, bars and restaurants may open their doors again soon. But, an entrepreneur wouldn’t be an entrepreneur if they wouldn’t also focus on new opportunities arising. The current crisis is accelerating industry trends that are disrupting traditional success models. Therefore, we identified key opportunities for you within retail and hospitality to get on the right side of trends.


  • Add the human touch to your digital channels

Last year accelerated the digital transformation within retail and hospitality: we vaulted years forward in the adoption of digital in just a matter of months. The expectation is that in 2021 the primary growth driver within retail will continue to be the digital channels. However, although we see advancement of digital channels, there is also an increasing need for social contact – the human touch. As a retailer you can respond to this need by, for example, implementing live streams, a virtual customer service or offer shopping opportunities via social media. For instance, it’s becoming more and more popular amongst social media influencers to sell products in a live video. Besides that, the development of artificial intelligence offers online personalization opportunities on a larger scale, which will make it easier to add a human touch to the online customer experience.

Improving the online customer experience is crucial to keep up with this digital trend. At Countr, we can support you in this by making things easier for you in the back-end. From accounting to CRM, from inventory management to ERP – the possibilities are endless. This means you spend less time on day-to-day administration, and you have time to focus on what gives you most energy: improving your customer’s experience.


  • Use an omni-channel strategy to increase your resilience against unexpected situations

There is just one certainty we have for what 2021 will bring us, and that is that the situation is uncertain. Therefore, it is important to think about a winning strategy that works best in uncertain times. 2020 has shown us that flexibility is key for survival – hence, it is all the more important to operate your business via multiple channels, both offline and online. Doing this will increase your flexibility and resilience against unexpected situations. However, operating through multiple sales channels will lead to more complexity. And one thing we know for sure: entrepreneurs and an administrative burden is not a match made in heaven. That is precisely why Countr has developed a platform to relieve you from most worries when it comes to omni-channel sales. We are happy to help you integrate your online and offline POS with each other and offer you a ready-to-use solution in our platform.


  • By making smart choices, you can focus on the right things

Demand for fashion, luxury goods and hospitality is unlikely to return in 2021 to pre-pandemic levels. Due to the financial crisis, people have restrained spending power, there is higher unemployment, and rising inequality. Large brands and companies adapt to this decrease in consumer demand by implementing a focus-strategy: they keep stores with the highest ROI, they focus their assortments on the best rotating products, the menu contains less – but the most popular – options, and they focus more on personalized offers. In other words: making smart choices is essential for growth in 2021. The smartness of a choice has little to do with the entrepreneur’s intelligence, but with whether you base your choice on data you’ve gathered. Whether it concerns marketing, assortment or promotions: by interpreting data in the right manner, you know where you should put your focus.

Have you ever heard of the “80/20”-rule? It states that with 20% of your time and efforts, 80% of the results are generated. Try to identify this 20% to enable you to work efficiently and thereby achieve the best results. And of course, we would love to help you with that. In our POS platform your raw data is beautifully and clearly visualized so you can quickly determine what you should focus on in 2021. Getting started with Countr is definitely a smart choice!


  • Keeping distance remains the norm in 2021 – adapting will help you win

Despite our wishful thinking for the new year, we unfortunately also can’t avoid the coronavirus in 2021. Even though the vaccines are on their way, predictions are that it will take months until society will get a bit closer to normal again. We can’t ignore it: in 2021 keeping distance and caution will remain the norm.

Fortunately, as an entrepreneur you can adapt to this, even in your offline channels. As a customer being able to order food and drinks contactless, or to check-out your products yourself: these are opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow within their offline channels as well in 2021. At Countr we offer you opportunities for self-checkout services within your business. We’d love to help you get on the right side of this trend!

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