Trick or Treat! Halloween at Your Hospitality Business 4 years ago

Halloween is right around the corner. For most people celebrating it, it’s the time of year to bust out their arts and crafts talents in perfecting their costumes and decorations. Of course, it’s also a time for our sweet tooth to stretch expansively on its throne. So, food and a theme? There’s nothing that speaks better to a hospitality business than that. But if you’re finding it hard to channel your creativity to make your business rise to the occasion, here’s 4 ideas that might help you out.

Switch Up Your Graphic Identity

If your business already has a theme, great! If it doesn’t, also great! Your business as a brand is probably sporting a graphic identity of sorts. That is the set of visual cues that you combine to make up your unique place in the game. For Halloween, it is a good idea to play up your graphic identity for the colors of Halloween, whilst maintaining its other visual aspects. Orange and black go well together, and they can subtly replace, say, your blue and yellow theme for the days leading up to and including the occasion.

This isn’t limited to decorations on-location, this could also extend to your online identity, such as maintaining an orange-black color story on your Instagram, and switching up your website colors temporarily. Consistently keeping up with occasions in this manner affirms your place as an active and socially-engaging business.

Revamp your Items

In addition to the overarching switch in visuals and decorations, it’s really the attention to detail that makes a project complete. So don’t limit your approach to the first idea, there’s so much you can do with the individual items you offer. If you’re a restaurant or a bar, consider adding a Halloween-themed menu item. The most palatable addition that wouldn’t necessarily threaten the consistency of your concept would be cocktails.

Lastly, people are definitely looking for places to dine during Halloween weekend, it’s a wonderful time for special deals. You could reward customers in their costumes with a free drink, or an overall discount for Halloween weekend.

Social Media Engagement

    Halloween is prime time for picture-taking, and people are always sharing their costumes and fun activities on their social media accounts. You could have a best costume contest on your Instagram account, where your clientele could pose in inside a Instagram frame and tag your business. Then, their friends would vote for them by following you and liking the photo. This way, you get traffic and marketing, and the winning photograph get a deal from your business, such as a free dinner for them and their party.

Build Up your Team Morale

    Halloween is an occasion anticipated by many, including your employees – your most important assets. You could do a myriad of in-house activities to boost their morale and show them your appreciation for their work. You could host a Halloween party with dinner and a puzzle activity. You could also have a pumpkin-carving event/contest with a real Wiccan witch explaining the rituals throughout the evening (feel free to reach out for a contact in NL.)


All in all, Halloween is a fun light-hearted occasion with a lot of opportunities for entertainment and growth for your business. So, don’t miss out on celebrating it. Happy Halloween!

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