Countr is ranked in the top 20 POS solutions on the market by GetApp! 5 years ago

We’re proud to announce that Countr has been named as the POS “Category Leader” in GetApp’s Q4 2017 rankings. There are more than 90 POS solutions listed under POS category on GetApp, so we’re thrilled to receive the top ranking and be featured right alongside some of the industry’s very big names.


“Countr made its debut at #18 in GetApp’s new Category Leader ranking for Point of Sale software. An impressive score of 13 for its mobile apps, 7 for its software integrations, and a 6 for reviews were the biggest contributors to its overall score of 29, solidifying its spot as one of the leading Point of Sale solutions in the cloud”, says GetApp researcher Suzie Blaszkiewicz.


GetApp, the go-to platform for discovering business apps, recently published its quarterly Category Leader ranking in 37 software categories. The ranking takes into account the key factors that buyers should look at when evaluating an application, i.e. user reviews, integrations options, mobile app availability, social media presence, and security.

Being named a category leader of POS solutions provides additional affirmation that we’re executing on our mission to help small and medium-sized businesses thrive. Countr allows business owners to focus on what makes their business grows, instead of spending valuable time on manual operations. Business owners can instantly benefit from inventory management, detailed analytics and insights, employee management, customer loyalty, and a diverse add-on marketplace.

We’re delighted that GetApp has seen what so many of our customers have seen in our software and we’re confident that you’ll feel the same way too! See what all the buzz is about and try Countr free for 14 days now!


About GetApp

GetApp, a Gartner company, is the leading business apps marketplace focused mostly on SaaS and cloud-based solutions. The site gives insights, trends, user-generated reviews, and research at buyers’ fingertips – allowing them to easily discover, compare, and choose the right software for their business. GetApp attracts millions of unique visitors every month and gathers more than 180,000 reviews of 5,000+ apps for various categories.

Every quarter, GetApp releases independent rankings to showcase the top 25 cloud-based solutions in each category. GetApp Category Leader ranking narrows software categories with hundreds of options to a concise list of the 25 top-scoring products for business to consider when exploring new solutions – simplifying an overwhelming and time-consuming process. Business owners and decision makers, whether they are a first-timer software buyer or a business looking to switch from one product to another, can glance at the list and identify the leading software products in the industry and understand different types of solutions available.

Try Countr for yourself for fee and find out why Countr is a Category Leader on GetApp!

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