Countr now integrates with Shopify! 2 years ago

Countr Integrates with Shopify

Countr is very happy to announce that our POS now integrates with Shopify! If you have an existing webshop, and would like to move onto a physical presence, then we’ve got you covered. We already have successful integrations with WooCommerce and Lightspeed. Now, Shopify is joining the club as part of our initiative to support digital businesses that want to expand into the physical world.

So, whether you’re setting up a standalone pop-up, joining an exhibition, or starting your first brick-and-mortar store (congratulations!), Countr will seamlessly bring your sales process to your new realm. Here’s a few features of our new integration:

No Added Costs

While most integrations on the market have added costs for the integration itself, our connection is completely free! You pay your usual Shopify fee, the Countr subscription of your choice, and that’s it! The cost of integration really adds up for shops that function online and offline, so we wanted to support our clientele. This is especially valuable because most of our clients are small and medium enterprises.

Automated Data Transfer

When you choose to integrate your Shopify store into Countr POS, our server will automatically transfer your products over to Countr POS. So you don’t need to worry about importing/exporting large excel sheets, or manually adding products.

If you don’t want to sell all your products in Countr, you can use the Countr dashboard to control their visibility on Countr POS. That is the only product manipulation you’ll be able to do through Countr. If you would like to add, delete, or modify products, you will have to do it in Shopify, and it will be automatically updated in Countr.

Seamless Inventory Updates

Made a sale on either platform? Then rest assured that your inventory will be updated accordingly in the other. This way, you don’t have to worry about selling items that don’t exist, or manually updating your inventory.

So, are you ready to make the jump?

4 step process for Integrating with Shopify

It’s very easy as the picture shows! But if you need further instructions, contact us for help. Happy Sales!

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