Countr co-develops the first cash register-free store in The Netherlands

On Wednesday, April 4, 2018, SPAR introduced the first cash register-free supermarket in The Netherlands at Utrecht University. The concept, known as “Skippy” or “Skippen” in Dutch which means “skip the line”, allows customers to scan their products and pay on their smartphone. Thus, customers can shop even smarter, faster, and easier.

To deliver the Skippy concept, SPAR University sought collaboration with different parties. The app was developed by Social Brothers, Countr was brought in for the point of sale software, Mood Media focuses on the audio-visual customer experience, and ABN AMRO provided the payment solution (Tikkie). Together we joined forces to ensure that the app, product database, and payments are linked and updated in real-time.

In this collaboration, Countr also helps SPAR to make personalised offers based on shoppers’ previous behaviour. Every customer receives different app deals and these rewards can be collected through the SPAR University app.


Customers scan the product’s QR code with their smartphone



Alifa Shabrina

Alifa is Countr's Marketing Specialist. She is on a mission to help retailers run their business better with her articles. She mostly writes about trends, tips and tricks, or any retail-related topics!

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