5 Daily Habits of Successful Small Business Owners

5 daily habits of successful small business owners

Many of you might have been wondering how certain small businesses are more successful than the others. What are their secrets? No business is born successful. Business owners strive everyday to make their business run well. Certain habits may help a business sky-rocket to success. Here is a look at the top 5 most common habits that are seen among successful small business owners:

Rise before the sun

Do you know that CEOs, artists, athletes, and countless of successful people are taking the advantage of early morning? They get a great amount of work done in the most quite time in a day – allowing them to be a 100% focused. This may or may not be work-related. It can be just a quick cleaning, reading, journaling, or even crossing a few things off your to-do list. Waking up with the sun will also give you additional hours to plan your day, getting you ready to face the coming storm (emergencies do happen).

So.. the saying “early bird catches the worm” is true! But…

“Success is not as simple as getting up before everyone else. It is about what you choose to do or do not do in those first hours of the day.”

Make your first-things-first list

Create a habit to list 5 most important things that you want to do. The first things in your life. Listing your first-thing-first helps you to set your priorities and act on them. It may sounds easy, but you would not believe how many people unconsciously fall into the trap of getting caught up with non-important things. Checking social media, replying to texts, reading articles, and on and on. Successful business owners know how to turn off the distractions and focus on the highest payoff work first.

Maintain a work-life balance

In a world where more and more people are putting in extra hours to achieve success in their careers and business, they have forgotten how to live a normal and stress-free life.

“Longer working hours will only reduce productivity and employee output falls sharply after a 50-hour work-week.” – The Economist

Having a balance life also means exposing yourself to a diverse range of mental stimuli, which in turn can also trigger fresh ideas. Successful business owners know how to maintain and achieve work-life balance. On a regular basis, they grab a coffee with a friend, dine out with family, have me-time. The most important thing is interaction with people outside their work.

Stay organized

Many business owners have innovative ideas in mind but only a few have the ability to keep track of them. Setting your meetings, deadlines, and business plan on a highly organized schedule, and sticking to it, will make you stand out from other small business that are less organized.

Being more organized means being more time efficient. Highly successful people are more effective than others because they never waste their time searching for lost documents, important bills, or opening up old emails to track down missing information. As a result, they can save more hours and eliminate unnecessary stress.

“Not only do you need to be organized right now in order to succeed, you need to stay organized.”

Exercise regularly

Do you actually take time to take care of physical body and emotional well-being? In order to reach your ambitious goals, you must first pay attention to your own needs. Successful people know the fact that having a sharp mind requires having a healthy body. They eat healthy food and exercise regularly.

According to Harvard Business Review, regular exercise not only gives you physical benefits, but also improves concentration, enhances creativity, minimizes stress, and sharpens memory. All in all, it helps you maintain your most crucial tool: your brain. 

So leave your “too much work” excuse behind and start exercising today!

Alifa Shabrina

Alifa is Countr's Marketing Specialist. She is on a mission to help retailers run their business better with her articles. She mostly writes about trends, tips and tricks, or any retail-related topics!

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