4 Workplace Engagement for Halloween 3 years ago

Halloween is just around the corner, and it is gaining popularity in many parts of the world outside of the United States. Last year, we discussed marketing ideas for Halloween. But, as a fun, lighthearted ‘holiday’, it might also be the perfect occasion for a business or a professional team to gather and celebrate before the year’s dreaded busy season hits. If you are wondering what to do for your team, then keep on reading for inspiration.

Have a Trick-or-Treat Event

If you or your coworkers have children, then having a workplace trick-or-treat event might be a great bonding activity for everyone. It’s one of the few days a year when a sugar rush is accepted and encouraged. So, stock up on the candy, and let the children go around offices or different companies within a building. It’s a great way to warm the atmosphere in a professional environment, and to introduce your children to this part of your life.

Host a Halloween Costume Party or Contest

For the casual workplace, or to make a casual workplace, a costume party is a great idea! This is especially nice if your line of work is creative or visual, because it allows your employees to explore their creativity in new ways. A ‘best-dressed’ contest is a classic! And it makes even the shyest individuals crack out of their shell for a little bit. Of course, don’t forget the Instagram frame. But, if a whole costume is a bit much for your work, then check out our next point.

Make a Halloween Decoration Event

The theme of American Halloween is horror in black and orange, which is a very exciting theme for fall because it complements the weather. But, don’t let that stop your creative juices from flowing, wherever you are in the world. You could have any Halloween-esque theme decoration event and have your employees go at it. It will add a nice playful vibe to your workplace, and make everyone a bit more joyful and motivated at work.

Host a ‘Spooky’ Event

A pumpkin-carving event or a Wicca night is a great way to celebrate Halloween. Hire a Wiccan witch or a Halloween event planner to do the work for you! You could also host a ghost tour, or take the team out for a maze or an escape room. All these events promote teamwork, strengthen communication, and are also fun for people!

We hope this list inspired you for a fun set of activities this month! Of course, it is always possible to mix and match, or add to the list. Whatever you do, we’d love it if you let us know!

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