4 Fall Marketing Ideas for Businesses 4 years ago

Sweater weather is upon us! Well, at least in the northern hemisphere. For most places, fall is a time to witness beautiful flying warm-toned leaves, slightly cooler weather, and, for a lot of us, it is a time for pumpkin spice lattes. But if you’re a business owner, you might be thinking of it as more of a “transitional” season. It’s not the holidays quite yet, and it’s not summer anymore. But subtle seasonal changes in your business will not only keep you relevant to consumers this season, they will also comfortably carry you over into the holidays. You could think of fall promotions as a “test drive” for the larger season coming up. You can expand your marketing horizons at a lower risk, and you can discover your limitations as well. And, you’ll stand out from other businesses that pass on this leafy opportunity. If I’ve got you hooked, then keep on reading for fall marketing ideas!

Sales! (With a story)

This might be an obvious one when it comes to putting last season’s items on sale, as that is the oldest trick in the book for retailers. However, you could instill a sense of urgency or exclusivity in your fall sales when you build a narrative that revolves around the season. A good annual example of this is the Starbucks seasonal selection of fall drinks, including the pumpkin spice series. Starbucks doesn’t just stop with the promotion, it includes its customers in a subtle manner as part of the story that is its fall marketing. In this case, it celebrates the seasonally-relevant customer artistry on one of its cups.

Bust out your loyalty program

Using your POS’ outstanding capabilities, you could reach out to your most loyal customers with a special offer for fall. People are willing to more comfortably purchase at this time of year, and you’d mostly catch them off guard as it isn’t the hottest season for promotions. You could also go the extra mile and suggest products that are directly relevant to them based on their purchase history. It’s a win-win!


You might want to join forces with a local business as part of your seasonal promotion. You could promotionally collaborate with a business from a slightly different industry so you could cross-reference your customer databases. You could have a joint Halloween event with a hospitality business, or a shared booth at a community festival. It’s a good time to make use of those networking opportunities with fellow business owners.

Donating to a Local Charity

This one isn’t really for the sake of marketing, but your business does have a responsibility to its local community, and it’s a great time for that engagement to occur. With winter approaching, this is the time of year when charities are most looking of donations for those in need, be it winter clothing, shelter, or food. You could donate a percentage of the proceeds, host a fundraiser, or donate some of your merchandise.

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