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When we founded CashOrCard, only a few months ago, our main focus was to create a Point Of Sale that was reliable and offered all the basic functionalities necessary to run a store. We were able to realise this vision and built a product that we designed ground up to help you grow your business.

Since then about 800 people signed up and started using the POS on a regular basis, sharing experiences with us every step of the way. We got some positive feedback, but also some heartfelt frustrations about system functionality, bugs and crashes. And much thanks to all your comments, we were able to implement as many as 789 new features and fixes to improve current functionality.

Today, we’d love to share with you the results of the past months: introducing our new and improved dashboard and app.

So, what’s new?

 There are a whole lot of pretty amazing features in the new releases. Some of the changes include 26 new currencies and 3 new payment methods. But here are the features we think you’ll particularly appreciate:

  • Reporting – We’ve tremendously improved our in-app reporting feature. You can now see very detailed analytics. You can check out sales and transactions per category, per tax class and even per product. You can also see your top selling products and categories over various time periods. The same options will be available on the dashboard soon.
  • Customer lookup – As per many requests, you can now search for customers from your web store in the POS. This allows you to see their purchase history, preferences and even tailor your offers specifically to their wants and needs 
  • Customise receipts – You can now design the receipt of your dreams, using our improved customisation feature. Besides adding your logo, you can also add a personal message and your store’s details to your store receipt. What’s more: you can add your corporate colours to the email version! You can change this as many times as you like, so there are unlimited opportunities to create topical receipts tailored to special events, holidays or seasons. 
  • Product reorder – Organising your product display has never been this easy before. It’s a matter of simply dragging and dropping your products in the order you prefer in the dashboard; this will automatically update it in the POS as well.

We hope you will enjoy the improvements as much as we do, check them out here. Haven’t signed up as a user yet? It’s super easy, really fast and best of all: it’s free! All you have to do is sign up here to check out the dashboard and get the app for Android or iOS to give it a try.

We are always looking for more ways to make our products better. Do you have a suggestion, a comment or a question? Do not hesitate to reach out via Facebook, Twitter or by sending a message to support@cashorcardpos.com.

Thank you all so much for your encouragement, patience and feedback. This wouldn’t have happened without you!

The CashOrCard Team


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