The Complete Guide to Attract Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers (2/3) 3 years ago

last minute holiday shoppers

Do you remember our previous blog post about what to do to attract last minute holiday shoppers? Now it’s time to learn how to do all of those things!

How to do this

After knowing what to do, the next question is how to do it? How to craft attention-grabbing content that can lure in last-minute shoppers? Don’t worry, we have the answers for you!

Last-minute holiday shoppers are typically in a rush, so they don’t spend much time on reading. Publishing a long post with too much text will not catch their attention. Instead, you should attach more visuals whenever possible as it is proven to catch attention better than text. Use high-quality and catchy image to showcase your holiday deals or gift ideas.

gift guide example to attract last minute holiday shoppers

Nothing catches the eye better than a catchy gift guide visualisation by The New York Times

Convey a clear, easy to scan, and short message stating when your holiday sale begins, when it ends, what products are included, and highlight price points. Building a sense of urgency in every post that you make is also an effective way to trigger those last-minute shoppers to click and purchase. By letting the customers know that your deals are ending at a certain time (for example weekend or even one day offer), customers will be more prompted to take action.

adding hurry in the ad copy will attract last minute holiday shoppers

Fashion Compassion adds “hurry” on their ad copy to create sense of urgency

Create a holiday-themed newsletter or gift guides to help last-minute holiday shoppers find inspiration for holiday gifts. Consider to not only give a long list of product recommendations, but also gift package or even short quiz to help readers find their perfect gift.

Last-minute shoppers like things that are fast and easy. Embedding links to specific deals in your post will allow them to instantly browse and buy products without navigating away from your site. Encouraging prospects to take advantage of your special offers.

Lastly, create awareness and engage your followers by updating your social media profile (image banner and pinned post) with special offers and gift ideas. So when customers come across your profile, they can easily see your holiday deals.

Check out our blog post next week to learn the very last step to attract last minute holiday shoppers: When & Where to do it!

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