Zapper partners with CashOrCard Scan. Pay. Go! for a premier point of sale app

Amsterdam, August 26, 2015  —  Zapper announces its partnership with CashOrCard, a premier point of sale app for Android and iOS that gives merchants the tools they need to successfully run their business. Zapper makes it quicker and easier for customers to pay for their meals.

Zapper allows customers to pay using their smartphone without having to call the waiter back to the table. Zapper even supports splitting the bill. Customers scan the QR code on their bill with the Zapper app to pay instantly. They get an immediate notification of successful payment, and so does the restaurant.

“We are constantly looking for the widest possible deployment of Zapper,”

says Erwin Hofmann, Sales Manager Zapper. “By integrating Zapper into the CashOrCard point of sale app, their customers will instantly be able to accept mobile payments and benefit from Zapper’s full-featured mobile marketing and loyalty solution. With Zapper inside, CashOrCard customers will value the solution even more and stay loyal for longer.”

In the near future CashOrCard merchants will have the option to enable Zapper as a payment method within their point of sale to print the Zapper QR codes on their receipts. Their customers then simply scan this code with their smartphone to pay for their order.

“We’re very excited to integrate with Zapper”, said John Staunton, CEO at CashOrCard. “Digital payment methods are rapidly gaining ground, but are often quite complicated for end-users. They come with digital wallets that need to be set up before they can be used”, Staunton explains. “That’s why our focus group loved Zapper. It’s fast, secure and easy for their customers”.

About CashOrCard

CashOrCard provides merchants a complete omnichannel retail and Horeca solution, designed ground up to help grow their business. The point of sale (POS) app and online merchant dashboard enable merchants to make transactions, manage inventory, govern customer loyalty and assemble real-time insights and analytics.

The free app for iOS and Android works across different channels and devices, offering one single location to manage multiple online and offline stores. CashOrCard seamlessly integrates with well-known eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, WooCommerce and SEOshop.

In 2015, the company launched its App Marketplace, offering users easy integrations with a multitude of apps, including Zapper, Dropbox, Excel, Google Drive, Adyen, iZettle, SumUp and Buzzoek Loyalty.

The Amsterdam-based company was founded in 2014 and currently has over 1800 signed up users in 62 countries around the world.

About Zapper

Zapper is a mobile app that allows payments and eCommerce fast, convenient and secure. Both large and small companies set up Zapper to simplify the payment process. Paying with Zapper in restaurants and at events is faster and simpler. But besides that it is a future-oriented payment, Zapper especially helps to increase profits by charging lower fees for payment services, opportunities to sell more without putting in more hours and, last but not least, highly targeted and creative promotional opportunities. More information:
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