Which POS is perfect for your business?

Finding the perfect Point Of Sale for your business is a challenge. So many aspects to consider and such a variety of possibilities to pick from. The right fit depends on the type of business you run, whether that is online or offline, the type of hardware you are looking for and of course the specific requirements you have. At CashOrCard we understand that it is important to have a POS that suits your needs and is tailored to your preferences. That’s why we work with various e-commerce platforms and offer multiple integrations. A great deal of our product actually depends on you and what you want.

The flowchart below is meant to help you figure out which POS is the best fit for you, based on a series of questions. (Click the image for a larger version.)

Which POS is perfect for you?

Our app is now available for free in the Google Play Store and will be on Apple’s App Store before the end of this month.

Stay tuned for more posts and feel free to drop us a line at support@cashorcardpos.com if you have a question or remark.


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