Four Simple Ways to Treat Your Customers in Valentine's Day 2 years ago

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and every retail businesses are busy with their own Valentine’s day promotions. Chocolate shops, jewelry stores, and many restaurants have started their special marketing campaigns to boost up their sales and get benefit from this special occasion. Fear not, no matter what your business are, you can always show your Valentine’s day spirit and most importantly: show your customers some love!

Here are some list of ideas:

Send out a personalized hand-written Valentine Card

If you only have small budget for your marketing campaign, you can always buy a package of Valentine’s greeting cards and spend some time to write personal hand-written thank you note for your customers. Send those cards along with a coupon card for their next purchases. In this automated world, businesses should be able to show appreciation to their customers in a customized way. By doing so, your customers will feel valued and might as well increase their loyalty to you.

Check out what Jimyz Automotive did to their customers and went viral on In 2010, Jim Shukys wrote a simple hand-written thank you card to one of his customers. The customer was very surprised and posted the card on with a title “I have never in my life seen this level of customer service“. The post was quickly became viral and received over 1,500 up votes and 700 comments. He realized that the most important thing is to respect your customers and any small gestures matter.

written thank you note


Offer free shipping

As more and more customers are opt to do online shopping, why not include free shipping in your marketing campaign? Free shipping is the most wanted service in e-commerce and based on a survey conducted by Accent, an omni-channel customer engagement technology vendor, 88% of customers will be more likely to purchase a product from an online shop that offers free shipping.

Surprise your customers

Do you remember the last time you told your customers that you love them? Valentine’s day is a perfect occasion to show how much you appreciate your customers and give small rewards to them! Pick a random customers from your database or choose your loyal customers and thank them by giving away free gift cards or discount on their next purchase. If you are willing to go on the extra mile to surprise your customers, then you can check your sales database to know the product that was frequently bought by your loyal customers. Give a surprise to them by giving the product for free and they will feel incredibly special! As it said on Harvard Business Review, adding an element of surprise is a powerful and effective way to increase your sales.

Run a contest

It is not a secret that holding a contest can increase your social presence as participants usually invite their family or friends to vote in order to win the contest. Some ideas for Valentine’s-themed prizes are dinner for two at a romantic restaurant, weekend car rental, or even your special Valentine’s product package!

Of those many contest ideas available on the internet, my favorite contest for Valentine’s day is to ask your customers to write a love letter to your brand. Customers can be encouraged to express their feeling towards your brand and explain why they love your product. Share some of the best love letters and utilize them as one of your marketing tools. This type of contest can give you better understanding about your customers and how they interact with your product. The insight might as well be used to further developed your product or marketing campaign.

So…. Wait no more! Start to run your own marketing campaign and seize the opportunity of Valentine’s day!

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