The event Point Of Sale for Android and iOS tablets


Whether you have a food-truck, a market stall or a pop-up store, Countr is the best POS to manage your sales. Countr is built to run high volume sales remotely. Here’s why thousands of customers use Countr for their events:

No internet connection? Don't worry

Countr will always remain fully operational. Just make your sales offline and sync them to your dashboard when you are back online.

Need to move around? We got you covered

All you need is a tablet and you are ready to go. You can make sales wherever you need to.

Have multiple outlets?

You can connect as many stores and devices as you like. Keep track of individual performance at micro level, as well as a total overview of all your overall performance in real-time. You can download your reports to csv or excel easily.

Flexible needs for different events?

You can fully customise Countr to your needs. You can easily add or delete payment methods, including cash, card, invoices, giftcard and mobile. Some of our fully integrated partners include Bunq, Worldline, iZettle, SumUp, Handpoint, Payconiq and SEQR.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Countr offers a free test mode, which lets you try out the full system as long as you like. No credit card required, no commitment. All you have to do it create an account to start testing.


Angelique BergsmaOwner of Schoonheidssalon Angelique

Paul O’ConnellCEO of Uprise Festival

Mark StudholmeCo-founder Crowdyhouse

About Countr

Countr is POS software designed to easily build, manage and grow your business. Whether you have one store, or many. Countr works on Android and iOS tablets, online and offline.

Countr comes with a handy POS and an online analytics dashboard, designed to simplify your day-to-day business processes. Countr works with a wide range of hardware and payment methods. The Countr Marketplace offers additional extensions you can connect to your account.