Advanced Advisory for Retail and Hospitality 3 years ago

Advanced Advisory

When we started our company a little over three years ago, we dreamed of offering a full retail and hospitality solution. Something to help retailers run their business end-to-end, by offering the best possible integrated experience. The launch of our one-card loyalty platform and award-winning point of sale app were great first-steps in realising this vision.

And today, after years of getting our hands dirty helping retailers set up shop, we are finally ready to take the next big step forward. It’s something we’ve been dreaming about for years and working towards for months.

We are launching the Advanced Advisory for Retail and Hospitality businesses

Advanced Advisory

The goal is simple: provide (small) businesses with actionable advice to help improve business processes and increase sales. We’re building our Advisory business around a trio of pillars that we think are critical:


  1. Data – Because we believe every company should fully understand their data in order to make the best business decisions possible
  2. Consults – No matter how much we love data – and believe us, we really do – we know it doesn’t paint a complete picture. That’s why we also want to understand each unique part of a business and experience what the company is really like
  3. Actionable Advice  – Since we feel advice, even of the most advanced kind, should be translated to actionable tactics that are easy to implement and measure


Advanced Advisory

Advanced Advisory


How That Works

Combining this approach with our vast business experience (we helped 3000+ businesses get started), there are some really exciting things we can do. For example:


  • Full data analysis – We have designed special algorithms to extract valuable insights from raw data. Think for example best and worst selling products, product combinations, times, dates, seasons, staff and much more
  • Peer-to-Peer analysis – Compare your business to a benchmark of similar companies to understand what is going well and what needs improvement
  • Predictive analysis  Extract business tendencies and business trends from your raw data to estimate future sales and turnover
  • Business plans and strategies – From business planning, hiring and pricing strategies to data setup and metrics; we can help you formulate simple strategies and KPI’s to launch and run your business successfully
  • Training and coaching – We offer basic and advanced training, coaching and advice in a wide range of fields. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts can help you in the areas of business, analytics, marketing, communication, omnichannel, social media, design and technology


These are only a few examples of what we do. You can read more about how we can help you here or view a sample report here.


Advanced Advisory Example 1 - Top Products

Advanced Advisory Example 1 – Top Products


For whom is this?

That depends, there isn’t one exclusive group. We don’t have set requirements, such as business stages or (POS) systems, that you have to comply with. If you are a(n) (aspiring) retailer or proprietor, see if any of these statements sound at all familiar:


I want to open my own business, but I’m not sure where to start. I worry about which direction to go in and what to focus on.

I’m considering going omnichannel, selling online and in-store. I’m not sure what I’ll need for this or where to start.

I have a lot of data, but I don’t fully understand it. I use it for bookkeeping, but I never have the time to properly analyse it for sales purposes.

I’m losing customers, sales and money and I’m not sure why. I feel that I’m doing everything right, but somehow results are disappointing. 

I need a little help in a specific area,  for example optimising my inventory process management. Implementing this will increase sales and save time, but I don’t have the expertise to set it up myself. 


If the answer to some of these is yes, we can help you. To do that, we first want to find out the best approach. That’s why we created a personal store survey. Once you’ve taken the survey we will discuss the best way forward together. Based on your thoughts, preferences and input. That could mean a simple data analysis package, a full consult, a strategy session or something entirely different.

Not sure if this is for you yet? Taking the survey is completely free and will only take a few minutes of your time. We will reach out to you if we think we can help, and you can decide at that point if you want to move forward.

Store Survey


Advanced Advisory Example 2 - Employees

Advanced Advisory Example 2 – Employees


If the past three years of working with so many great entrepreneurs have taught us anything, it is that (creating) a thriving business is extremely rewarding, but hard work. It requires constant attention, regular improvements and complete dedication. They have also shown us that we want to be involved in every step and help with every aspect of it.

Today we have taken another step toward realising our vision and goals. Thank you so much for sticking with us on the first part of this journey, we can’t wait to see what the future brings!

PS. We are still, and always will be, fully dedicated to Buzzoek and Countr. This is simply an exciting and value-adding extension of our company


Advanced Advisory Example 3a - Peer-to-peer

Advanced Advisory Example 3a – Peer-to-peer

Advanced Advisory Example 3b - Peer-to-peer

Advanced Advisory Example 3b – Peer-to-peer

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